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Happy New Year 2019 in Spanish, Chinese and Arabic

Happy New Year 2019 in Spanish, Chinese and Arabic : It was during the Roman era which marked the beginning of the calendar with the month of March. As accordingly in 45 B.C the New Year day is celebrated on January 1st for the first time in the history as with the Julian calendar that was bought into effect. After the roman dictator, it was Julius Caesar who decided that the traditional Roman calendar was in dire need of reform. ( Read also : How do you Say Happy New Year in Different Languages )

Celebrating New Year in a better way

Marking the change of day with the midnight on January 1st is considered as a remarkable transition with no special significance. But this brings on immense pleasure among people of all ages globally to celebrate the New Year by bidding the ending year and welcoming the New Year. The time is to stay active with participating in every event and step outside the day to day activity. The day is surely going to make a reflection and get you go with looking back, take a stock, access how to do it and how it was earlier done. And above all to resolve it and do it in the better way going forward.( Read also : Wish you a happy New Year 2019 greeting to everyone)

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The celebration is common everywhere but still there is some special ways to celebrate it. These make on with the differences by exploring the right ways with the happy New Year 2019 in Spanish, Chinese and Arabic. The New Year party is celebrated globally as per timing of the countries. The celebration is considered to be an obvious reason to make your time set in the best way of celebration. The New Year is said to be the most celebrated holiday. This would make it most of the main channels on television and let people move on with some crazy things.(Read also : What is happy New Year in different languages?)

Even people move on with making promises and encourage changes. There are sort of magic in the air when there is dome dropped into the way from the sky and rather is the favorite holiday for all.( Read also : Happy New Year 2019 in Spanish, Chinese and Arabic )

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Significance of the New Year

In many cultures, the New Year day has been a religious and spiritual day. This is now celebrated globally with the time of winter solstice. Where the days begin to lengthen and nights get shorter.

The New Year represents a time for rebirth, of moving ahead and forgetting the past. This is celebrated with much of gaiety and enthusiasm and happiness all over the world. There are more of customs and traditions with much of superstitions attached to the celebrations.

The feeling of celebration with the New Year celebrated with cakes and wine across Spain, china and Arab. What makes the difference is the kind and time of celebration.(Read also : Wish you happy New Year wishes status video photo)

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Happy new year in Spanish

The celebration is managed by participation in the count down along with the rest of the Spain. It’s the no fun celebration with New Year’s Eve in the dark and cut off from the rest of Spain. The Spain town organization takes cares of the preparation for the second New Year celebration. The people across Spain take the pride to communicate their wishes in Spanish by wishing each other a very happy new year in Spanish.

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IProspero Ano Nuevo is the wishes that every one wishes with happiness and pride. The New Year celebration makes you feel best with the second New Year celebration that would take place on the first Sunday of august. At the time, the town will get a makeover with ending it in the month of December. The town plaza is going to get decorated for the party and will be decorated completely with streamers and ever present Spanish flag. The one will be followed by a countdown and then a firework display.

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The best ways people of Spain celebrate their new year is with food and festivity. That would make not just the New Year special but their relationship special with their near and dear ones.

Happy new year in Arabic

Though Arabic people have their own ways of celebration, still the 1st of January as a common new year is celebrated by them as well. They wish everyone in their language greeting happy New Year in Arabic. It’s some way like sa’eed gadeed A’am. Across Arabic countries, the first day of the New Year utilizes the Gregorian calendar and is considered an official public holiday frequently celebrated at midnight with fireworks, marking the beginning of the New Year. Being a Christian festival, people even in countries like Egypt and Arab celebrate the festival in a grand way. Even some people say that New Year is not just representing the birth of Christ but it marks the new year of the solar calendar which preceded that.

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Happy new year in French

The New Year in France is not just a day or an evening but is celebrated entire through the season. In French involves knowing basic New Year’s greetings and even with learning French New Year’s greetings related to the season. Wishing happy New Year in French says bonne annee.

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Happy new year in Chinese

For Chinese New Year there are lots of blessings and greetings. But the simplest is xin nian kuia le which is the term to wish everyone nearby. China contains many dialects which don’t include languages of china’s 55 ethnic minorities. Other than the mandarin or standardized Chinese the most well known Chinese language is cantons. This is more difficult for outsiders to learn.

So wishing every one as happy New Year in Chinese would make the best to make family and others happy. The markets and streets of cities across china becomes colorful with a good number of peoples and visitors from outside there are lightings and colorful events arranged all the way to enjoy the new year by bidding good bye to the going year 2018 and welcoming the new year 2019. There are best of happy New Year in Chinese characters. Further there are a good number of songs which are played in the New Year which are called the happy New Year in Chinese song.

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When it comes to wishing each other in Chinese language. Then there are a good number of languages. As there are a varieties of Chinese languages like Cantonese, mandarin and many others. So wishing happy New Year in Chinese language never makes a difference. Which can be a way to understand each other’s feeling in a better way to express the happy New Year. Even there are traditional languages in china which are still into practice. For that reason, in interior and rural regions of china people wish each other with happy New Year in Chinese traditional language.

The Chinese New Year would probably make its widest of celebration with the holidays in the world that would be useful no matter how it is. With lots of vibrant celebration ways taking place all the way would bring on plenty of opportunities to show your respect and well wishes if you know how to say happy New Year.

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The Chinese new year is huge with scattering its importance globally which is being observing the lunar New Year. There are major celebrations with fireworks, parades and festivities nearly in every major city. There are a lot of food, sweets and love for each other to share with family and friends in the New Year. This is even symbolic to wear red underwear that would mean to let the unlucky spirit go away. People in china believe to use a lot of crackers which would frighten away the unlucky spirit as well.

Pronouncing New Year in Chinese

With some variant in Chinese culture and ethnic groups around the globe there are a lot many ways to say happy New Year in Chinese. Saying hello is one way then you can start on with speaking your own Chinese language.

New Year day in USA

The New Year’s Day is considered to be a public holiday. This is a day off from the general time and every organization stays closed then. The New Year day starts in the mid night with fireworks and parties and even some special events that are often shown on television.

There are very few people who work in the day time to finish their work and then enjoy their time with friends and family. There is usually festive time during the New Year in USA when people start preparation some days before the New Year. They make gifts, cakes, candies, sweets and savories to enjoy that during the time of New Year. Even there are greeting cards designs prints and graphics designed to make the best of gift and wishes for the guests and family members who live away from the family.

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With the online ways to wish everyone has reduced the distance between each other. Still there are some best and normal ways which are going to make the New Year special as well. Kids prepare their own cards to gift them to friends and family.

Above all, the New Year is always considered as a day to stay happy and welcome the New Year to come and cherish with new ideas and resolutions to move further.

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