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How to celebrate New Year at home

The importance of New Year celebration can be seen in the enthusiasm or in the eyes of people how they are excited and how beautifully they are preparing for the New Year Eve at home. As New Year Day is about to bell the ring of our door with the sunlight of new hopes, so start singing song and matching tune of life. You must be aware of this fact that New Year is being celebrated differently in every country. Talking about Hindu New Year 2020 date would be on 7th march according to the lunisolar calendar. It is considered as the one of most lucky days among Telugus and Kannnadigas. It follows the Saka calendar along with the month of Chaitra (March – April), Ugadi announces the first day of the New year eve meaning in Hindi is  Naya saal which is quiet beautiful and conveys it meaning.

Whereas when you will look at the country of USA you will find everything so different in that country. When you are hatching plan to be in that country makes sure you find something of your interest –

  1. Chicago –

Chicago is very beautiful city to discover where you will find peace besides beauty. Lots of things are waiting for you to discover in Chicago. It is one of illustrious city to discover.

  1. Las Vegas –

It is very popular for its unique way of celebrating New Year Eve. You will definitely enjoy the fun of its Casino and Hotels, everything is just so mesmerising the culture, food, people.

Happy new fiscal year –

When there are some people celebrating New Year on January 1 whereas some are celebrating by the moon’s guidance, if you will follow these rules then you will get to know the real New Year is on July 1st. The beauty of this festival cannot be described in just one or two word, this is the only festival which people celebrates in their own way with their own beauty, take Newyork as an example where the drop ball new York is quiet famous. For the drop ball at New York you could pick up may places at there. If you want you could go to watch the ball drop because once you will see it you will definitely fall for that.

Now after party and food can you guess what the third thing famous about New Year Eve is? Yes you have guessed it right! It is resolutions so let’s know about fun facts about New Year resolutions.  It has long history that Babylonians have embarked on ancient Babylonians near about 4,000 years ago, they celebrated first moon just after the spring equinox. This tradition still continued in ancient rome and many other countries. So the new year dates of different countries are different some celebrates it on the New Year Eve, some celebrates during March and April according to Saka Calendar.


How many days holiday for Christmas in us –

The importance of New Year Eve is so much that People get holidays for Christmas in US for a week or five days. Do you know the history and symbols of? The Christmas renders the story of Baby Jesus, the Nativity and the three Kings including Santa Claus, reindeer and elves. The whole city get dressed like bride and looks very gorgeous than other normal days.

How I celebrate New Year –

Every country celebrates the New Year in different time of the year according to their respective calendar. There so many ways which people opt for celebrating the Eve of New Year some plan other countries, restaurants, bars, so some love to stays at home, some loves to throw party at home, so different people different choices. But the enthusiasm for the New Year can be seen easily the way they prepare for dresses, party, cuisines, gifts, card and many other stuff.

New Year Eve 2020 –

When is New Year’s Eve 2020 –

On 1st January New Year is going to be happened with lots of experiment and new stuffs. You must have known the symbolism of New Year Eve where Baby Jesus, the nativity shows some ancient story with s symbol. The main motto of New Year Eve is to spread the love and happiness among people.

The fun facts of New Year –

Did you know New Year facts? Then you must know the fun facts of New Year. So here is some New Year facts such as Earlier 1St January had been accepted as New Year in 46 BC by Julius Caesar (you must have read about him) and the American colonies of England adopted the date long time after in 1752. Rare people know about this fact that the Roman Catholic Church was the first church to adopt the date of 1st January as New Year. This calendar was recognised by the Georgian calendar.

The ritual of giving gifts have long history of the time of ancient when the Persians used to gift eggs to each other or their loved ones as symbol of productivity and progress. People hardly know about New Year Eve traditions culture, we all celebrate but we do not know exactly why do we celebrate this New Year Eve? The New Year is said to be the good luck charm which brings good luck for all the people in different ways. For instance, there is a famous ritual in the country of United States they eat black- eyed peas on the day of the New Year which is believed as the good luck bringer. So people still follows this ritual. When we know traditions closely then we must not forget the practice of Estonian of eating 7, 9 or 12 meals on the days of the New Year eve. It has its own story of bringing good luck into their life.

Besides United state Denmark has ritual of making an evening meal with the variety of Kransekage. It is a very popular dessert which is found in the cone- shaped cake. You cannot even imagine the cake is being presented in the very different manner it is being decorated with flags and firecrackers, it has its own History. When you will peep into the history of New Year Eve you will discover new stories every time with their old rituals, this is the beauty which people even in modern era still carrying forward as the blessing of their ancestors. If you will talk about the Spanish culture rituals then they follow the ritual of eating 12 grapes at midnight of 31stDecember.

When they eat those 12 grapes they make a wish for themselves. It has long history following since 1895. There is some very interesting ritual which people of Denmark still follows, they throw dishes at the door of the other people or their neighbour. They believe this gesture will bring them some good friends in their life. So everyone and every country have their own faith and believe which they still respect in the form of New Year celebrations.

When you will land over the lands of the Greek then you will discover their individuality of their belief and faith. They hang Kremmida or onions at their main doors. They support this fact that doing this will bring their children goodwill. Some people at Greek follow the tradition of bringing Pomegranates and breaking it on their door which according to their faith brings good luck and prosperity.

Whereas in the lanes of Belgium you will find some special name which people of Beligum has kept. New Year at Belgium is known as Sint Sylvester Vooranvond. People of Beligum love to open up the bottle of champagne whereas there is ritual of writing letter to the god parents or parents by the children on the Eve of New Year.

How to write happy New Year –

Writing New Year has a myth but when you will peep behind the scenes you will find you may create your creativity for writing the New Year Eve. People love it writing in different way on different objects such as Cakes.

New Year’s Day 2022, New Year’s Eve 2020, every year will be going to rock and new. So you could take initiative for experiment and learn every time new stuff and a new way to enjoy life. So you may call your friends at home by arranging a beautiful night for new year eve and you could celebrate new year in more happening way, you could arrange bonefire, foods, clothes, drinks and you could host this evening in a more beautiful way so that they could get some positive hopes for the coming year. It depends upon you whether you would love to arrange party on 31st night or 1st evening. Let people wonder by awesome party and the awesome version of you. So enjoy this New Year is going to be full of fun and awesomeness if you will want. So wish yourself Happy New Year and enjoy 2020 in coming days.

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