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How to celebrate New Year with girlfriend and Friends 2019

How to celebrate New Year : Everyone loves to celebrate New Year in own way and every couple makes each other feel special in some unique way, you can make it by doing special thing on New Year

Cool New Years Eve ideas :

  1. Surprise her/ him with a candle Night dinner

Cool New Years Eve ideas for Home Party :You can plan dinner at his/her favourite place. You can arrange something favourite stuff of him/ her such as favourite chocolate or flowers with drink. This will be very romantic and touching moment for you both, you both even can do to dance on your favourite song, you both will feel good.

  1. A night walk –

This is the best night you could plan for each other, holding hands in hand and enjoying talks with each other. Is it not beautiful walking with your girlfriend or boyfriend, enjoying silence of the night under twinkling stars and you both could share what you have not shared until now, talking about you both.(Read also : New Years Eve at home ideas for couples)

What to serve for New Years Eve party :

What to HAVE FOR NEW YEAR EVE PARTY: There are lot of cuisines with which you may experiment and serve some delicious foods such as –

Blanche’s Miniature Cherry Muffins

The Barefoot Contessa’s Croissant Bread Pudding

Oven fried Pizza and cold drinks

Chocolate Babka

Texas French Toast Bananas Foster

Lamb Meatball sliders

New Year celebration with friends :

New Year celebration with friends :

New Year celebration ideas with friends : If you are missing your Shimla trip with your friends and your gang has not planned since long then you may do in this coming year. You may plan trips to wonderful places like Goa, France and many more places they have unique way of celebrating New Year and such trips become wonderful experience which remains close to heart forever.

Or if you want to do you may arrange bonefire along with your friends you will all love that night, friends, food, songs, dance and drinks. You can imagine your New Year Eve.

New Years Eve food themes :

New Years Eve food themes :

new year’s eve dinner party themes : You can plan even appetizers, dips and desserts rather than dinner. You can even add different mocktails, cocktails. So there is lot of variety for you, if you want you may even go for Continental foods, Italian which most of the people love, such as pizza with cold drinks, muffins etc, Indian food people are in love with Indian Food. Chinese are too favourite of most of the people. So it depends upon your taste because there is diversity in foods and food themes you can even jam two dishes of two different Countries it will be enjoying food in the company of friends.

New Years colour scheme :

new years colors 2019 : Zindagi Gulzar Hain, have you heard this? So our next theme is this we are going to know about colourful colours.

New Years Eve party ideas for restaurants :

New Years Eve party ideas for restaurants :

New Years Eve party ideas for restaurants :

New Years Eve party ideas for pubs and bars : Usually people follow boring routine at restaurants they do not want to do exciting or they do not have any idea about that, they can do exciting things even in restaurants. So if you are hatching plan for restaurants then you can do : (Read also :Happy New Year 2019 In Hindi, Bangla, Telugu and Marathi)

  1. Host a throwback game night –

This is something rejoicing your best memories in the company of friends, family or your girlfriend/ boyfriend, that too on the Eve of New Year it will be fun and quiet enjoyable. You can play games such as Uno, Jenga or operation.

  1. Offer free cab rides home after the party –

This is something people usually do not do so if you will provide them it will be really nice gesture to them.

New Years Eve at home ideas with the family :

romantic new years eve at home ideas :

  1. Surprise gifts on New Year eve –

This is old way of celebrating still people love this idea a lot. When you will gift their favourite stuff they will definitely love it. So on the New Year eve you could bring gifts for each family member.

  1. Family reunion –

You may keep a family reunion on the festival time and arrange party, food, dance and songs. Then you may keep foods which usually you do not try like muffins, Chocolate Babka etc.

New Years Eve 1st birthday party :

new year’s eve first birthday party : If your sons or daughters birthday is on the Eve of New year then you cann plan even something big, you could celebrate both the things together. You may keep a grand party in which you could add up some creative things like blowers and hats something for them to do.

Unique New Year’s themes 2019 :

Unique New Year’s themes 2019 :

  1. Disco Dance party –

Try it you and your guest will fall for it, rock the floor with 90s music, keep some crazy themes like wearing go- go boots and wild makeup, and tune with the song Disco Diwaane..

  1. The Paris at Home –

Yes surprised? You must do this once in your life Gatsby- theme parties. You can set up your party on the actual theme of Paris in the 1920 time. All will look amazing in the vintage attire of Paris.

How to organize New Year party :

how to host new year’s eve party :

  1. Choose a space to host your party and accommodate your guests –

It depends on you where you want to throw party whether you will love to enjoy the comfort of couch at home or want to hit the floor of club. But wherever you decide make sure your guests feel comfy.

  1. Party invitation –

An early bird always wins. This is correct if you want to be free send invitation before three weeks so that they will also keep themselves free and will not plan out anything.

  1. Plan games or other activities and photo sessions –

Your guests will love it, when you will plan some interesting games or photo sessions, your party will be complete with these things and food, drinks.

Types of New Years Eve parties – there are various types of New Years Eve party such as –

Bar fly

Coupled up

Family party

Friends new year eve party etc

Good fortune party 2019 :

Good fortune party theme :

Uno – If you do not know Uno cards is being used as coasters, where guests pick up cards for them as their coasters.

Lucky You! Send invitation in small red envelope :

According to the Asian culture sending things in red colour brings them great luck. So you may send invitation in red envelope.

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