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New Year eve party ideas for adults, Friends, Families and College Students

New Year is an opportunity for every adults, friends, and College students for living one more day or event like a legend. So it is upto you how much fun do you want to have on the carnival of New Year Eve –

Plan out New York City –

You may definitely plan out a week full of fun with your friends, family and your partner. There are many exciting cities which will let you discover exciting corners of the world and exciting places in the world.

  1. New Year eve party ideas for pubs –

People love to plan things in advance in unique way, to be early bird you need to arrange everything before it becomes urgent. You could enjoy New Year Eve party at pubs by giving each other special kind of card with bottle of drinks. If you will peep at many pubs New Years Eve is the crowed and most advantageous single business day to them. If you want you could plan out Big Ben and lots of bubbly.

You may keep variety of themes or if you want you could combine two themes at one time, usually people do not this. This is the right time to do experiment with themes and cusines.

  1. new years eve party ideas for families –
  2. Diversity in cuisines-

If you are talking about family ideas for New Year Eve then i do not think there could be anything better than cooking together. Is it not nice cooking different types of foods together, talking about old memories.

  1. Photo booth –

This is something crazy and amazing clicking photos at midnight and doing some craziest stuff, the perfect kind of family party on the Eve of New Year.

  1. Play the Pajama Game –

You could plan something very interesting like pajama party with friends or family. Arrange foods, drinks, music, sleeping bags, pillow and blankets, and then you just have to wear Craziest PJs and see the new sunrise together, the new year of hope and dreams.


  1. New Years eve party ideas for restaurants –
  2. Dress well –

This is the first thing you could do if you are planning out for restaurants. There are so many dresses are available especially lot the occasion of New Year Eve.

  1. Surprises at the restaurant –

If you are going to surprise your partner or friends at the restaurant then try to choose their favourite restaurant, their favourite food, the kind of ambience they feel comfortable with. You could even do more by arranging bouquet and their favourite chocolates, guitar, dance for them, they will feel very special and touched.

  1. New years eve party ideas for senior citizens –
  2. Host a dinner –

You could host a dinner for them they will love them and feel blessed. When you are going to celebrate with them ask their favourite food and arrange accordingly. Make sure you give them healthy food.

  1. Go to watch Night Services –

This is an event which churches host for their members and this gives our senior citizens a safe way to enjoy New Year Eve. If you want you can arrange more comfort for that night like their favourite food and some gifts.

  1. New years eve party ideas for church –
  2. Plan some fun activity –

People seeks out for fun and some exciting activities so new Year is the eve of fun and love, have fun and spread love and purity around yourself. You could offer silly or crazy hats for the party. You may click so many picks for a continuous slide show. Arrange some loving games for people present at the church.

  1. Music and food –

‘If music be the food of love, play on, play on’… these lines remember? These lines belong to shakespeares play Twelfth Night, so it is the very important thing for any party whether e it church, home or restaurant.




  1. New years eve party ideas for home –
  2. Arrange a night for bonefire –

Who would not love bonefire? Everyone seeks a reason for enjoying such nights. All family persons at one place, music, food, dance, you could picture perfect night or event.

  1. New years eve party ideas for college students –
  2. Plan skydiving or bungee- jumping trip –

This is something so crazy which you could along with your friends for having one of best memory for your college days. It is reminding me about the movie ‘Zindagi Milegi Na Dobara’ where all the three friends did skydiving all together you too could do that with more friends.

  1. Writing poems and composing songs –

When sun will be about to set you could plan your evening and night in the company of your friends and you could prefer writing poems among your friends and composing songs all together, life is about fun and this is fun.

  1. New years eve party ideas kid friendly –
  2. 10 Fun children’s Party Drink –

Life has so much option if you will really look for, so even it is about children, adults or old citizens you have scarcity for party for the New Year Eve. Children are very fond of experiments let them enjoy party drinks that is in variety they will be going to love it.  If you want you could keep healthy and energy drinks along with cold drinks.

  1. Cupcakes and gifts –

Children are very fond of sweets and fun so if you will arrange cupcakes for them they will love it. Or of you love surprising people then you could surprise children. Some exciting games can also become part of New Year Eve.

  1. New years eve party slogan –

Quotes, Messages and slogans have very pivotal role especially in such carnivals. People love to send special messages and slogans to them. So if you want you could create your own slogan for the New Year Eve or if you want you could put some special messages on the New Year Cake.



  1. New year party ideas for Teens–

Teens are very adventurous so they love creativity and fun together at their age, on this tender age offer them something experimental such as pool party in new style. You could arrange theme based pool party for them. Cold drinks, food, and gifts, it will make their New Year very exciting and one of the best new year eve.

  1. New year party ideas games –

This is very easy game for both the children and adults. So keeping your party away from dizzy and dull ambience keep it exciting by arranging some exciting games like Word guessing and celebrity hunt, new year resolution scrambling. There are more games like truth and dare for adults, some games on the pool. Along with games you could arrange more stuff to your party for the New Year Eve.

  1. New Year party ideas for pre-scholars –

For being crazy you do not need anything than being crazy. So If party is going to be organised for Pre-scholars you could arrange lots of stuff for them. A movie theatre for all the Pre-scholars with popcorn and drinks, this will be a fin night for them. Surprise Pre-scholars by arranging best night for them on the carnival of New Year, Let them know that they too are special and can have fun rather than studies. You could arrange party under stars and moon and let them enjoy crystal clear water in the company of good drinks and snacks.

  1. New Years party ideas college students –

College life is the most happening time of everyone’s life. Surprise everyone you love in your life with exciting things such as Halloween party it depends on your choice because there is no scarcity of ideas for college students. There is surprise party, theme based party, pool party, bonfire, Pajama party. You just name it you will find everything by your side, the best part about parties are… Do you know? You could experiment with them, because life should be adventurous  Life should be enthusiastic and full of fun and good food and right choice of song adds spice to the party, so you could plan out your kind of party at your favorite  destination.

If your college friends are ready for discovering a new country then step into the lane of Easter Island, there you will find lots of thing to discover and to know.

New Year Eve –

Do not keep any myth to spoil your day because do whatever your heart tells. New Year eve comes in a year, spend it with your family, friends and partner. Enjoy party in best possible way, visit new restaurants, church and pray to god and party for your family. Go crazy and if you have grudges for anyone invite them in your party and befriends with them and clean your heart on the Eve of New Year because 2019 should be clean and pure so that you could make place for new memories and people. Hope, this New Year will be going to bring all the loads of love and happiness for sure.

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