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What is New Year? And why is New Year’s celebrated?

What is New Year? And why is New Year’s celebrated?

Many definitions are available for New Year traditionally new year is the eve when new day or time embarks on through which new calendar year starts from there. Although the first date of January is frequently is known as National Holiday.

New Year is being celebrated in the whole world with just one purpose to feel happy. It is an opportunity to bring people together.

What can you do on New Year Eve?

There are various things you could try out –

  1. Try Ice Skating

If you love adventure then New Year is the right eve to try out new things such as Ice Skating. It is really mind fresh activities where you could feel adventure at your heart.

  1. Arrange Games

You could plan games as people enjoy it from kids to old citizen everyone participate in games. Moreover it will make your party more interesting. So invite your friends and relative members.

  1. Plan out a romantic, low- key date night

There is more to it, if you want you could plan out a well planned romantic night. Such types of romantic night will bring you more close to your partner.

How did New Years Eve begin?

It embarked on near about 4000 years, in the times of ancient Babylon. When the very first fresh moon including the vernal equinox started- the day in late March with a similar amount of sunlight and darkness – it begins the ritual of New Year. It is one of very big festival which is famous as Akitu, this word has been derived from the Sumerian word, it has been used for barley and it has been cut during spring. This, Akitu has celebrated the victorious victory of the Babylonians, the sky god Marduk. This story is long Babylonians defeated over Tiamat and served pivotal political purpose. This was the time when they got their new king and they honoured him with the crown that is how the New Year Eve embarked on.

Why is New Year’s Day celebrated?

New Year is being celebrated for remembering that a new day has embarked on, a new hope has arrived at their door and they could end all their sorrows and begin a day with much home. New Year brings lots of changes in people’s lives as many people find it a festival full of colours and joy, hopes. People take resolutions as challenge and they oath of quitting old habits and they take resolutions and when people take oath they take that seriously. So basically people dump their all worries, sorrows, tensions into the dustbin of old year and begins their day with the sunrise of New Year.

Why do we celebrate New Year’s Eve?

There is lot of myths regarding new year where you could enjoy new year according to your faith as there are many countries people do different stuffs like some people throws pomogranate at neighbour’s door, while some do very weird things which according to them are ritual and they embark on their new year with such things. New year even gives people opportunity to end their all worries and dispute which goes between friends or family, so after the arrival of Jesus Christ on 25th December people welcome auspicious day first Jan.

How can we celebrate New Year at home?

  1. Discover new cuisines

So this is something very interesting you could call your friends or family members and you all could cook cuisines together, it will be totally fun and a blast cooking. Do something new as New year always bring something new to your life, you could also do one more thing if you eat jink foods so on this new year eve you could cook something healthy such as Italian salad, Vegetable salad etc.

  1. Serve the kids cookies and milk

Make New Year wishes party a little healthy and little pretty good for children into more exciting way. Children love to eat junk foods chocolate but give them milk they will love it this year, you will ask why so? What has special this year, so dear every year is indeed special and give your children milk but shake it exciting, you did not understand? Okay let me make you understand, this year is going to be very excited if you will make some chocolaty milk shakes with some cherries over that i am sure your children will going to love it. And serve that with new types of cookies.

  1. Plan surprise gifts and notes with that

Who does not love gifts? Everyone has special love for gifts but if you will plan something creative and touchy with that then you will get their positive response. Hatch a plan for gifts and try to gift them the stuffs they love it will make very touchy bond when you will take so much care about your closed ones, friends and family.

  1. Throw a theme based parties

Like it has very normal thing during New Year Eve, you could plan out these things with little experiments. Surprise everyone with some weird combination of parties which people have never imagined. Let them enjoy a full night in the shelter of craziness. Try out something new with the old stuffs and make it look like completely new. Try out this year some theme based jewellery along with your theme based parties. Many people will call you crazy for planning such craziest party let them call, let them feel you are little crazy. Because ‘Paglpanti bhi zaruri hain’,and parties are kind of things where you need to be crazy to live life to the fullest and enjoy life and yourself, this is must thing.


New Year Eve really a fair where people from all over the world comes together as many people plan different country, they go to there to witness the beautiful night , festival of New Year Eve. So now it depends on you how you will go to enjoy the New Year Eve.


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