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What is your plan for the happy New Year in 2019?

What is your best plans for the happy New Year in 2019?

new year 2019 lunar

new year 2019 lunar

‘If music be the food of love play on play on’ is the famous line of Shakespeare! That is how his play began and so our New Year eve began with wishing each other happy new year, so on this year what is your plan for 2019? You might be thinking to spend your new year night at home, but if you are going to spend your day in boring way then my dear friend wake up from sleep, open up your eyes see it this is 2019 and how do you way to spend it just by wasting it?

So take a pen and note down your plans. No wait you should open your laptop and book ticket of some beautiful country to spend your New Year well.(Read also : Amazing Nashville New Year eve 2019)

What is there to do in New York on New Year’s Eve?

new year celebration in kerla

new year celebration in kerla

New York is an amazing place you will surely fall for this country. The beauty of this country is just undeniable, every wind, every land, every corner of New York City tells thousands story in itself. The New York is quiet big city so there are so many things to do which I am sure you would have never tried out or found out in other countries. On the eve of New Year eve the whole city looks just so amazing, I am falling short of word, as the beauty of this city on that particular day is just beyond words could describe.(Read also : Amazing New Years Eve in Germany 2019)

Many people especially goes there to watch the beautiful big carnival of New York city, how the people of new York celebrate, people of new York prepare special dresses, foods or so many things especially for the eve of new year. So of you are going New York City then you have singled out the right city to have fun these are the things you could add up in your to do list .

The grand army plaza in Brooklyn

new year decoration ideas

new year decoration ideas

It is an over crowed place which means people love this place so much, and on the New Year eve people just die to go this place this is the beauty of New Year eve. The firework of this New Year eve is just heaven you will forget everything in front its firework. Those fifteen minutes of firework will be the best moments of your life.(Read also : Good Happy new year and christmas slogan?)

New Year’s eve in New York on the Water

new year dinner ideas

new year dinner ideas

This is also a fun activity which I am sure you will to want to miss, you could do fun activity with boat which let you enjoy the very special program with food drinks and fireworks. The cruise of New York is very gorgeous.(Read also : What’s the best New Year’s resolution you’ve ever made?)

Brooklyn Bridge on New Year’s Eve

The illustrious bridge of Brooklyn Bridge has been decorated very beautiful on the eve of New Year, this bridge is being employed by jogger, bikers, pedestrians and cars. The view gives a very beautiful unforgettable sight which anyone can never forget and that is even for free.

What are some unique ways to celebrate New Year?

new year dress ideas

new year dress ideas

Crazy parties

Yes it might sound crazy to you but you can arrange crazy party at your home in unique way like you have put some crazy stuffs, or crazy stuff at your home, which people usually do not do, so it will add spice to your party.(Read also : Best New Year Eve in Countries 2019)

Check out your bucket list

new year plan 2019

new year plan 2019

So 2019 is the time to peep into your bucket list which you have mentioned since long, if you have not done things which you really wanted to do then this is the time you should go for it, it will definitely change your mood and energy.

Call old friends

So yeah this should also be in your list if you have not called your friends since long so 2019 the New Year eve is giving you a perfect time to do so. You can refresh some old memories with tea and coffee. You could rejoice them along with your friends.(Read also : New Year Eve craze around the world 2019)

Which is the best place to celebrate a new year in Goa?

new year ideas 2019

new year ideas 2019

Goa gives a complete thrilling experience to your travel diary and if you have taken decision of wandering in the lanes of Goa then this is indeed a good choice. Every land, wind of Goa is beautiful it means every place of Goa is beautiful many college gangs, friends gang go there. Club cubana has been famous place since its existence people find it worthy to watch, especially in the time of New Year eve you will enjoy it.(Read also : What will be your reply if I say that the celebration of New Year is a waste of time?)

Curlies, Anjuna

Curlies, anjuna is also a good place to discover, a gorgeous place to spend the New Year eve, the whole beach look just amazing you will find peace at your heart.

South Goa’s leopard valley

The lane of south Goa leopard valley is as beautiful as crystal clear water. The beauty of the place will surround you and the events which occur at these places will soothe your heart and eye, so indeed Goa has so much to do.

Sinq, Candolim

If you completely want to enjoy the fashionable nightclub any lounge resort then this is the right place with right mood, the entire environment of the place will colour you in its colour such is the beauty of the Goa place. You will meet new people you become friends with them and you enjoy life there. You come up with so many memories and you leave your sorrow in the city you went, that is how life goes on!(Read also : What is your plan for the happy New Year in 2019?)

Final words

We get life once so work for the things you want to have in your life and if you truly want to enjoy this life embark on enjoying every little big things, feel blessed and enjoy life to the fullest because you never know what is going to happen next, life has so many things so celebrate life sometimes on the name of New Year eve, so sometimes on the name of Christmas!

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