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What will be your reply if I say that the celebration of New Year is a waste of time?

What will be your reply if anyone say that the celebration of New Year is a waste of time?

new year chiness 2019

new year chiness 2019

If New Year brings joy and happiness then it also brings extravaganza along with itself. People spend money without thinking so much but if it is spend well then i do not think so New Year will be waste of time and money. If people will donate books to the poor children who wants to study but could not study due to his/ her economical background. It becomes waste of time and money when people waste lots of food as there are many people in India who sleep starved even on the eve of New Year because of their poverty.(Read also : Amazing Nashville New Year eve 2019)

new year decoration 2019

new year decoration 2019

I am planning a house party for New Year’s Eve. Approximately 10 friends would be attending (males/females). I would like to have some unique theme this time for a party with my friends. What ideas for games or something else can be planned for the house party?

Enjoying parties have its essence but enjoying New Year eve has its own essence which you could feel only on the Eve of ne Year. There are trillions of heart who are there on this earth with the hope of doing something good and big on the eve of New Year so if you are going to invite your friends at your home into your house arty you could try out some old things onto new mould such as –(Read also : Amazing New Years Eve in Germany 2019)

Old spot

new year decoration ideas

new year decoration ideas

Are you confused sweetheart? You might be. This is something which no one has tried until but you could do that because there is rare people who could think out creatively, so on the eve of new Year you could arrange view of old spot which you used to visit with your friends this will be completely fun as your friends would not have thought about this, this will be surprise for them on this New Year you could such as if you and your friends used to hang out on some cafe you could give touch of that cafe and arrange same coffee, it will be fun.(Read also : Good Happy new year and christmas slogan?)



However this idea is not a Nobel idea but still ‘old is gold’ you could better do with bonafire, you could arrange a cooking segment and songs, dance corner, guitar, pillows sofa, believe me under the stars and moon nothing can be best than this, having your bunch of some 9 to 10 friends you all are cooking and talking together, dancing together or singling together this will be best ever night for you all.(Read also : What’s the best New Year’s resolution you’ve ever made?)

Fun activities

new year eve party

new year eve party

If you have pool at your home so you could arrange pool party at your home, this will be another experience which you can have with your friends and if your friends are adventure lovers then this will be awesome idea if you arrange some games like playing ball inside pool. So it depends upon you how you enjoy this New Year 2019 as there are ideas without any limitations.(Read also : Best New Year Eve in Countries 2019)

Car ride

You can add some external activity after home party like you all friends can go out on long drive, playing your favourite talk, talking shit about college days, these are the days or talks everyone misses into their life. Life is totally fun if you are adventurous so enjoy it completely.

What will be your New Year’s resolution for 2019?

new year night 2019

new year night 2019

I will bring stars to the earth, shocked? Jokes apart, no one can do that but everyone can feel stars just by being on the earth just by completing their resolutions. What is going to be your New Year resolution? You might be planning to go gym, or embark on reading novels or taking care of your health or quit smoking whatever your resolution will be for this 2019, but make sure you work on them, it does not matter whether you are taking one resolution or five but it does matter whether you are working on them or not.(Read also : New Year Eve craze around the world 2019)

So try to work on them as much as you can, in fact you could embark on working on your resolution before the arrival of New Year so that it will be easy for you to do that and take resolution for that.

Where in Hyderabad is the best and decent New Year party along with live performance?

Image gardens

So Hyderabad garden is not just giving you garden to walk but live performances to watch, go there and enjoy life performances of beautiful stars who add stars to the party and New Year eve.

Pirates of the Caribbean at fine Leg

Go and dress up like characters of Pirates of the Caribbean. It will fun doing that on the eve of New Year actually it will be craziest thing doing that this way, instead of watching out movie dressing up like hero of Pirates of Caribbean will enthral your time this act is the part of Hyderabad parties for the New Year Eve. Match to the tunes of the song and get flow with the rhythm of life. So for attending this movie or dressing up like this movie you will have to go at Fine leg, Siesta hitech city, 55 Gachibowli MIyapaur Road.(Read also : What will be your reply if I say that the celebration of New Year is a waste of time?)

How is Jammu and Kashmir for New Year’s this year?

The chilled winds of the lands of Jammu and Kashmir is offering you a night full of fun and excitement where your New Year can be fun. This is also nice place if you are already in Jammu and Kashmir it has also so much to do and so much to experience.(Read also : What is your plan for the happy New Year in 2019?)

Every city cooks its own story and every city provides memorable moments so you cannot say good or bad but you can say you have some good experience into your life in the lanes of Kashmir under white moon with white snow, you will have lots of story to tell after coming back from the Eve of New Year eve. So enjoy 2019 in your favourite city with your best companion.

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