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What’s the best New Year’s resolution you’ve ever made?

What’s the best New Year’s resolution you’ve ever made?

New Year is big carnival for us all people but it is even an important event in everyone’s life, people plan for New Year eve, since two or three months, they and they even take resolutions on the eve of New Year.

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They work on their resolution for years and years and then they even achieve something in life because of their firm and determined decisions .

But It depends on the person what sort of New Year resolution they take and they even work on them, the best resolution which anyone could take such as devoting time to the books, and take care about their health. Reading books gives you good knowledge and you see the beauty of someone’s words.

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And second taking care of health is also like promising yourself a good life. Live life to the fullest here Lord Alfred Tennyson reminds me of his life, ‘i want to live life to the lesse’ from his famous poem Ulysses. So live like Ulysses and his companion lived, be adventurous and be determined when you take oath for something.

I am of 23 and I am all alone even at New Year. What should I do?

Whether you rare 22 or 23 it does not matter what matters is the enthusiasm you keep at your heart, how do you want to celebrate life. So you can do so many things on this New Year, even if you are alone, you can treat yourself better like you can arrange an environment of movie theatre at your home. You could watch movie of your favourite genre.

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Or if you want you can read novel which you have not read since long, your table is waiting for you just do it on the eve of New Year. But out of these things there is an awesome thing which you can do it, this is sending sometime with orphanage this will and you could take gifts for them. If you want you could go to the old homage and adopt parents if you do not have family you will get one and those who do not have child they will get one. So there are lots of things besides parties and all, grow from those things and do something good in your life.

What were you doing at exactly midnight on New Year’s 2019?

I will be shouting and celebrating and wishing happy New Year to the people around me. Or maybe you have something more to do. On this New Year eve you can be at paris and watching the beautiful night under the stars of Paris. Drop ball is the famous things which people do at the eve of New Year eve.

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You could spend it even in peace if you are willing the way you celebrate becomes the way of celebrating New Year eve, so there is no boundary to it. If you have not planned another city or country then you can be at your home celebrating New Year eve along with your friends. If you have not visited to your friend since long you can even do that on the Eve of New year.

What is your favorite event to do on New Year’s Day??

There are series of event like, musical events, opera event, dance events, or another event. So if you will ask number of majority people love to have party events on the Eve of New Year. So people throw them based parties, some goes to attend the event o their favorite singer; they go there and enjoy the entire show.

If you are fond of attending dance shows then you can attend them too, it depends on what you love and how do you want to celebrate the eve of New Year. But if you are throwing party then do take care of your guest and treat them with great service, they should know they have come t o your party and celebrate with open heart. Attend your favourite concerts there are so many events are happening especially for the eve of New Year.

Have you ever accomplished a New Year’s resolution that really changed your life?

Yeah this is a proven fact there are people who took one resolution and they accomplished that but there are even such people who took four resolution and they accomplished them. So it depends on the person how seriously they are taking their resolution. This is nothing thing that you take resolution but this is surely a big thing you work on that. There are people who took their New Year resolution and it did change their life completely and that for good. They have become better person and they have also evolved.

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There is one man who have shared his story that he took resolution of teaching on girl it just not changed his life but also it changed that girl’s life and she embarked on helping another person in the same way. And life cannot be more beautiful than this if you are contributing a little bit in someone’s life. But then i even know such stories who have adopted parents on the eve of new Year they gave a family on the eve of New Year.

This is something beautiful things or resolutions which you can take, like helping someone, doing one good thing each day, making someone smile each day. Life will seem more than just beautiful. If you are health conscious you can take care about your health you can add exercise and yoga to your routine, and you can add a good diet to your routine it will not just change your life it will inspire people around you they will to do good in their life. Life is about improving oneself for acquiring good things in life, we love for once and every year everything changes, every moment you change so live it for doing good, this will also affect others life too.

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